It's here again!

Christmas Time... & and just for ONE evening we keep our doors open just a little longer to welcome you and yours to join us for a delicious evening of Christmas shopping and tastings!


...AND put in your DRAW for a chance to WIN one of 3 gift certificates! (valued at $300.- , $100.- & $100.-)


Our store is decorated for Christmas with wonderful and unique gift ideas & Amish-built pieces... browse through our selection of fresh flowers & mini trees, Dutch groceries, baked goods, deli products, our famous in-house salads, sandwiches, meat pies, pasteries and so much more... and...

Each area of our store put out fun treats:

our DELI has delicious premium Meat and Cheese trays to sample from,

our BAKERY has beautiful, tasty trays full of squares & cookies,

our RESTAURANT has full trays of yummy hearty nibbles,

& groaning fresh trays of Fruit & Veggies round out the party.

Mixed through all are traditional Dutch treats for you to try:)



christmas image.jpg
Maria van't Foort